About Coverage

Temporary Practice Coverage:
If you have never called upon or used a chiropractic coverage service like ChiroCover before, the first thing to do is call us at (800) 367-5707. We will take the time to answer all your questions about how it works and walk you through the procedure.

If you would like to place an order for coverage with us, we can do that right on the telephone. We will need answers to specific questions from you at that point. Things such as where your practice is located, the dates you require, and the techniques, therapies and equipment you use in your practice are vital to locating the right replacement doctor for you. That "interview" process helps us to fit the right doctor to your office for now and for your future needs.

Order Practice Coverage:
Know us already and visa versa? If you'd just like to place an order for services without the time spent on the phone answering our questions, you can fill out the "Place an Order for Chiropractic Coverage" order form and submit it to us on line.

Emergency Coverage Services:
If you are placing an order for "emergency" coverage needs (i.e. less than 24 hours notice) it is always best to call us directly. We cannot ensure timely placement if you submit the order form on line only. That call is vital even if we've worked together before.

About Covering Doctors:
When an order for coverage services is placed with ChiroCover, you will be asked to provide any specific criteria you may have for the type of doctor you're looking for. By that we mean choices such as where the doctor studied chiropractic, when he/she graduated or how many years experience he/she has in the field and the specific techniques used in your practice. Keep in mind that the more criteria you set the narrower the selection of potential candidates to cover your practice. Therefore make your criteria only those things that are vitally important to the continuation of your patient's treatment programs in your absence.

Once we know what you want we make a selection of the best candidate available, eliminating the need for you to wade through mounds of resumes looking for the right match. That candidate will then contact you to further discuss your needs and, if time permits, for a brief interview.

Did that candidate suit your needs? If not, let us know and we'll make a second selection…or a third….as many as it takes to find the right replacement doctor for you, your patients and your practice.

Methods of Payment:
Once the right doctor is "placed" the order is considered filled. We require that payment be provided at least one week in advance of when the coverage services are scheduled to begin. Or, in the case of emergency coverage, payment is due immediately upon placement of the covering doctor.

ChiroCover accepts most major credit cards as well as checks and money orders.