Welcome to ChiroCover!

Established in 1990, ChiroCover, Inc. is one of the first placement agencies of its kind to offer professional, reliable Chiropractic coverage services. We provide both long and short term temporary office coverage as well as placing permanent Associates in a practice.

When you need to be away from the practice, whether it's for an unexpected emergency or a planned absence, call on the service that specializes in filling your needs.

ChiroCover provides professional, reliable replacement doctors and can assist you to locate:

  • A doctor that has been interviewed and pre-screened by us;
  • A doctor that has been instructed on proper coverage etiquette and protocols;
  • A doctor that is fully licensed in the state you require coverage in, and
  • A doctor that carries his/her own malpractice insurance policy.

With ChiroCover you can confidently keep your practice open and allow your patients to continue their treatment programs without interruption.

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For more information or to place an order, click on one of the buttons below. One of our service representatives will contact you. Or for immediate assistance, just call us directly at 1-800-367-5707.